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Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

Portrait Coffee Subscription

Portrait coffee is "pouring a new narrative" in Atlanta, highlighting the black and brown faces that have typically been "cropped out" of the coffee supply chain. The coffee is good, and they have some of the best merch in the coffee game.

Galerie De Lait

I'm addicted to this dairy free ice cream. If you're in the KC metro area, they'll deliver to your door. If you're outside of KC, they'll cold ship to you. Order some for yourself, order some for a friend. I'd recommend the cruiser weight cake pint.

Guevel Everyday Carry Tote

A few years ago something clicked, and suddenly, I realized I needed a "bag" -- not a backpack, but a real bag, for carrying important things. The homies at Guevel made a very good bag, that will last you a lifetime.

Verdant Coffee Gift Box

A very good mug and a very good bean. When I'm not sipping out of a vintage "Rolls Royce Dad" mug, this Convivial minimal mug is my daily driver.

Hario V60 Plastic Dripper

Hario somehow produces the cheapest and best coffee maker. Give the gift of good coffee, and as a wonderful by-product your loved one may also abandon those wasteful k-cups.