Bread Friends

Montreal Bagel Experiments

Exp. 001 9/19/21

In June 2021, I had my first taste of a Montreal-style bagel. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, it was transformative— I thought I loved bagels, but the chewy sweetness of the Montreal variety was something totally new. Upon my return home, I got to work recreating them in a small oven . The Montreal bagel experiments are ongoing, keep an eye on this site and the Bread Friends instagram for your chance to join and try them for yourself.

Exp. 002 10/2/21

Exp. 004 11/19/21

Exp. 005 11/21/21

Exp. 008 11/27/21

Exp. 008 11/27/21

Exp. 011 12/28/21